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Panoramic and 'virtual reality' photography by Marcus Newey.
For Marcus's Property Photography service please visit

ThreesixtyVR is currently under development,
A commercial virtual tour service will be availabe soon, in the meantime please feel free to browse the site.

There are a number of different options for displaying panoramas and Virtual tours. The main options are Flash, QuickTime and Java.
The following examples use each of these viewers,
If you cannot see any of the images you may need to install the latest plug-in, there are links for these with each example.

This content requires Adobe Flash Player and a browser with JavaScript enabled.
Built on Flash Panorama Player.
Inside the greenhouse at Watcombe

A flash viewer with a small view from the Watcombe gardens tour
If you cannot see the VR you may need to update your Adobe Flash Player
Princes Warf, Bristol

This is an example of a small Quicktime VR viewer,
To view more harbourside images
please visit this gallery

If you can't see the movie you probably need to get quicktime
Bristol Museum. Main Hall

This is an example of a small Java VR viewer,
To view more VR images please visit the VR gallery

If you can't see the movie you probably need to get java
If you have Quicktime and/or Java installed on your computer but still do not see the movies:
Your browser may be blocking active content or 'ActiveX contols'
[ do you have a yellow warning bar below the addressbar ? ]
If so please click on 'allow active content from this site' or adjust your browser settings

For the ever increasing number of internet users who are connected at broadband speeds, Full-screen immersive images provide a stunning visual experience,
'Virtual Reality' allows the viewer to 'be there' directly in the heart of an image.
This technology enables you to showcase your physical environment, whether it's tourism, hospitality, retail or property, thereby enhancing your web prescence.
When combined together these images can be used to create engaging 'Virtual Tours', which visitors are free to explore.
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